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Custom clearance services inbound & outbound

Perfect control of customs techniques applied by a qualified team combined with a good knowledge of your products, will result in a faster customs clearance.

  • Processing of your customs clearance
  • Management of all economic systems
  • Expertise in customs regulations
  • Regular monitoring on your products
  • Assistance in the regulation of fiscal representation

Aware of the rapidly changing customs and constraints of a posteriori checks we selected qualified professionals, all reporting for duty graduates who are aware of the news:

  • Monitoring the regulations and its daily changes
  • Adapting to new computer systems
  • Regular meetings with the branches and regional customs

Transit Defazio is the special structure for export by air, sea or road of perishable & industrial products:

  1. Booking cargo (air or sea)
  2. Removal of the goods for delivery to customers at points of embarcation (port or airport)
  3. Registration formalities, customs clearance and handling in the customs offices
  4. Customer support for the management and settlement of their accounts of temporary admission
  5. Only freight in Morocco have its own scanner, Trasit Defazio provides total security for your cargo.
Technical resources and innovative technology, in line with air or boat.
The trust of the most important Moroccan exporters.
Flexibility on a daily basis in conjunction with your products.
An export office at the airport in Casablanca Nouacer open 7 Days 7, a fully integrated logistics.