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Bonded Storage warehouse

Chosen in 1990 by customs as company pilot for introduction of a new information system. Connected by a link-up, teams are well-formed for treatment of customs formalities in the shortest possible time, regardless of customs procedures.

In accordance with Customs control requirements, Transit Defazio has developed its own computerized Bonded Warehouse Management solution not only provides a real time snap shot of inventory levels, but also ensures that continuous Customs controls and security measures are applied along the bonded logistics chain.

Transit Defazio can prevail a long experience in the field of customs controls, as well as strong skills in inspection and quality control of goods. With its unique combination of services, Transit Defazio provides customs and users a full range of professional expertise in the management of bonded warehouses.

It has a bonded warehouse in Mohamed V airport in Casablanca.

Transit Defazio  Bonded Warehouse Management Services comprises 10 core functions:

  • Reception of in-bond goods
  • Handling and Logistics
  • Storage
  • Consolidation, deconsolidation, etc. 
  • Safety and Security
  • Real-time inventory controls until release 
  • Duty and tax payment management 
  • Documentation support
  • Insurance
  • management information reporting
  • Customer Service